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Invest in the UK and obtain permanent UK citizenship – The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa

The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur (Business) visa is a unique UK immigration category open to individuals or teams who wish to set up a new business, purchase or invest in an existing business in the UK. Prospective applicants can either be residing within the UK or overseas, the UK immigration laws allow foreigners to invest and set up their businesses or take over businesses within the UK and secure permanent citizenship and British nationality for themselves and their families. We have seen a surge in applications from India, China, Russia and the Middle East in recent years. 

Are you a business person with a great entrepreneurial idea or concept for a UK Business – We can help  

Immigration by investment in the UK


Tier 1 Visa is not simple a “visa application” its a process. Applications have a comprehensive, very detailed and exacting criteria. Many applications can be arbitrarily rejected due to incomplete, insufficient or incorrect information being given. Often many genuine applicants have otherwise good applications rejected due to these reasons.

Lex Meridian provides a bespoke UK business-visa immigration service directly from London and Delhi by an expert UK Immigration Barrister based in Delhi . Increasingly business visas to the UK have become an integral part of International business by many Indian companies, entrepreneurs and high-net worth individuals.


Expert advice and guidance on the Business visa process and applications is critical.

The Applicants are evaluated strictly on a points-based system which will  assess and scrutinise the entrepreneur’s business and investment plan, their business models, financial viability and overall credibility. The applications are screened thoroughly upon the basis of a pre-structured eligibility criterion. Each criteria has specific points attached to it in order to secure the ‘grant of leave’ stage. 

The UK is keen to encourage innovation and opening their markets, especially to commonwealth countries  and entrepreneurs and  investors from India are no exception to this trend. 

The key criteria for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur visa)

Tier 1 applicant types.

There are various sub-categories of Entrepreneur Investment Visas which we can advise on, which include:

Expert Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa consultants and lawyers

  • Graduate Entrepreneur,
  • Exceptional Talent,
  • Investors (minimum £1,000,000 investment required) and
  • Post-study worker (now closed)s.

Duration of Visa

  • The initial visa is valid for 3 years and 4 months;
  • A further extension of another 2 years if you’re already in this category and 3 years if you’re switching to it from another category;
  • After 5 years  you can apply for ‘indefinite leave to remain’ and thereafter UK Citizenship. 

 Once I have invested in my UK business, what can I do?

  •  Set up or take over the running of 1 business or more – there is no limit on investing in other businesses in the UK. 
  •  You can work for your business, including being self-employed. 
  •  Bring family members with you who are eligible for UK Residency and citizenship as dependents.  


Lex Meridian Specialist UK Immigration Services 

We provide specialist, advice and assistance on the entire Tier 1 application business immigration process.

Additionally we can provide specialist ancillary services:

Advice on the proposed business, the industry and its activity.

The business plan and related aspects of English law regulation including UK taxation such as Corporation Tax,  Self Assessment and accountancy, UK Employment law and other legal and regulatory matters involved in setting up a business in the United Kingdom.

Business immigration to the UK is a highly specialist area. Entry Clearance Officers closely scrutinise business proposals with some Applicants having to attend a telephonic or in person interview. The immigration rules are quite technical. Often new start-ups and ventures are refused visas on very technical mistakes or their inability to prepare and articulate their proposal. A refusal will create adverse immigration history and may affect the chances of an application that is subsequently made. 

Indian laws and regulations which can impact on a Tier 1 Application. We can also advise on issues such as demonstrating the legitimate source of the entrepreneur funds and ensuring that the holding of monies is compliant with both UK and Indian financial and regulatory laws such as RBI clearance requirements

Our professional services provide a step-by-step clear, coherent hassle-free visa.


Has your application been refused? Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa Appeals service.

At Lex Meridian we have the requisite  expertise and experience to guide our clients throughout the whole application process including advice, assitance and representation in Tier 1 Entrepreneur (Business-visa) refusals. We have with us expert UK immigration lawyers and barristers in Delhi who are dually qualified to appear before the English courts, all immigration tribunals. 

Call us today for specialist advice an assistance from a UK immigration barrister on +911141601800 (Delhi) or +44208123999 (London) or email your enquiry to 

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