Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visas – Understanding the Rules and Getting the Right Advice

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Rules

The UK Immigration regulations have changed in recent years for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category to restrict abuse of the programme, while leaving genuine entrepreneurs unaffected if they receive the right advice, assistance and support. 

Some of the significant changes are:

  • The source of funding: Where there are concerns,  you may be asked to demonstrate that the funds you have used to apply remain are available to you beyond the date of your application. The entire investment amount must continue to be available to you after your application is made, until it is invested in your business in the UK.
  • Available to you’ means that the funds must be:
    • in your own possession, or
    • in the financial accounts of a UK incorporated business of which you are the director, or
    • available from the third party or parties named in your application (if applicable);
  •  Third party funds – The donor must confirm that the funds will remain available to you until they are transferred to you or to your business.
  • Genuine Test: Where there are concerns about whether you are genuinely intending to pursue a business in the UK, The Entry Clearance Office  can ask for more information and may ask you to attend a face-to-face interview.
  • Existing Tier 1 Entrepreneurs extensions: The UKBA may curtail your leave if the funds you have used to apply cease to be available to you (unless you have spent them in the establishment or running of your business or businesses).


Is your UK Immigration Adviser authorised and regulated by the UK Authorities?

Choosing the right advisor for you Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa. You are investing £200,000 in a UK business, getting the right legal advice outside of the UK is key.

Please be aware that there is a legal requirement that those advising on UK Immigration matters are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) which regulates United Kingdom immigration advisers.

Those who offer advice and services in relation to the application need to be regulated by the OISC unless they are authorised to practice by a legal designated authorised body.

The bodies which are designated by the OISC are:

    • The Law Society, The Law Society of Scotland, The Law Society of Northern Ireland,

    • The Institute of Legal Executives,

    • The General Council of the Bar, England and Wales (Barristers),

    • The General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland.

  • The Faculty of Advocates.

If the person providing the Immigration advice is not regulated by the OISC or a member of a designated legal professional such as the Bar Council of England and Wales then the advisor could be committing criminal offence.

The majority of “Visa Agents” and “Consultants” in India are not authorised or regulated to undertake UK immigration work.


Lex Meridian specialist Investment by immigration services to the UK is unique and bespoke. 


Lex Meridian is a specialist Anglo-Indian international law firm, which specialises in corporate and business immigration to the UK. 

  • Your Application will be handled by an expert UK Immigration barrister in India, not by an untrained or unqualified immigration consultation or agent. 

  • Our consultations our face-to-face (unless your prefer another mode of contact).  Our Offices are based in India and in London. The barrister will provide on-going support and advice throughout the process.

  • The immigration barrister is regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales and recognised by the UK Immigration.

  • We offer specialist, expert advice and assistance on the entire business immigration process. Additionally we can assist on other matters relating to the proposed business and its activity, including the business plan, related aspects of English law regulation including taxation (HMRC and VAT), accountancy, employment law and other legal and regulatory matters involved in setting up a business in the United Kingdom.Business immigration to the UK is a highly specialised area of UK immigration law. Increasingly, Entry Clearance Officers are closely scrutinising business proposals and the other exacting requirements. In many cases Applicants will have to attend a telephone or face-to-face interview. Whilst he processes are becoming increasingly challenging with major changes to immigration policy and procedure in the lead up to the Brexit process, nonetheless now is opportunity for a business investor to secure both a UK Business and UK citizenship. 

Call us directly in Delhi on +9111416 01800 or in London on +44208 123 9999 or email us at info@lexmeridian.com to speak to an Expert Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) lawyer and book a consultation.


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