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NRI Lawyers services for Non-Resident Indians (NRI AND PIO)

NRI’s are often unaware that they have a number of rights which they can legally enforce in relation to property, taxation relief and banking incentives. Traditionally NRIs have found themselves embroiled in legal disputes in India which can be a complex expensive and stressful experience. Our service allows NRI’s to instruct an Indian lawyer in London, to advise and litigate in India. This means you can instruct an Indian lawyer in London. This gives NRI clients peace of mind knowing that the law firm dealing with their case is based in the UK.

There are clearly many benefits in clients instructing us:

  • Immediate independent and impartial advice on legal matters.
  • Saving time, costs as well as the expense and burden of having to travel to India frequently.
  • What makes us different is that our client care is based on the same principle of the lawyer-client relationship in the UK, which means client care letters and keeping you informed of the progress of your case.
  • As some of our lawyers are dual qualified, barristers and advocates they can also represent NRI clients in proceedings which also arise in English courts. This can be particularly of benefit where a case may involve a Indian dimension such as matrimonial disputes, adoption, business disputes involving Indian based partners or customers.
  • Property matters, including succession and inheritance and probate matters.

Our NRI lawyers are also fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu giving our NRI clients the best access to expert lawyers in a language they understand.

Our NRI lawyers in India [we] provide legal and consultancy services for expatriates and foreigners living and working in India. With the growth of multi-national companies and foreign direct investment brings novel and complex legal issues concerning non-Indians living and working in India. We provide a specialised service which aims to makes settling as an expat in India as painless as possible. We can assist and advise on the following matters:

  • Indian regulatory laws and compliances.
  • Dealing with Indian regulatory.
  • Immigration and settlement issues.
  • Business compliance, taxation and registration.
  • Employment rights and labour laws when working in India.

With offices in both London and Delhi, means you can seek our specialist NRI lawyers advice and services before arriving in India through in high standards of client care and an unwavering commitment to the cause of our client. Our method of working is based on the same client care principles as a international law firm operating in the UK. Clear and expert advice, specialist representation and keeping you informed and aware underpins our ethos.

For expert advice and assistance on Indian legal matters call us today on +44208 123 9999 (London) or in India +91141601800 or call email your enquiry to

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