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Legal Process Outsourcing

“Outsourcing legal work to India is no longer a novelty. It’s a reality.” The New York Law Journal.

Lex Meridian provides a specialist Legal Process Outsourcing consultants service which provides advice and assistance on outsourcing for the legal community, law firms, corporate firms, solicitors, barristers chambers and in house legal departments. We also provide LPO solutions for MNC’s, small and medium sized businesses, local authorities and governments. Liberalisation of the supply of the legal services in the United Kingdom through Alternative Business Structures (ABA’s) and the sweeping changes to be ushered in 2011 with the Legal Services Act, provides a unique opportunity and dynamic way in which law firms deliver legal services in the 21st Century.

We provide bespoke LPO solutions through our approved list of LPO providers and international network linked by advanced technology provides a comprehensive range of legal process outsourcing solutions.

The LPO Consultant and Concept

The Legal Process Outsourcing revolution is radically changing the existing legal landscape.. The concept is simple: A law firm that that is able to offshore cyclical legal work to highly skilled lawyers. The exacting standards of legal work are maintained procured through sophisticated technological processes whilst substantially reducing costs and overheads.. Buts it’s not all about costs reduction, LPO creates productivity, doing more for less allowing your key functions to grow. Thinking critically and analytically is what lawyers are paid for, the functions and input that go towards this are the LPO drivers.

Liberalisation of Legal Services and current international economic challenges.

Recent developments including the Legal Services Act, Alternative Business Structures, public access for barristers has heralded a sweeping and far reaching shake up to the supply and delivery of legal services in the UK. LPO is now an essential complementary component and ground reality for many companies and lawyers. It means that the delivery of legal services has become more competitive, cost effective and streamlined whilst maintaining quality and reducing cost and maximising efficiency. A successful LPO can represent anywhere between 30-70% in cost saving, thereby reducing annual costs immediately.

Our LPO Consultancy Services

We offer Legal outsourcing expert guidance on full range of areas; analysis and evaluation of your company’s individual needs and objectives, tailored advice on matching and assigning LPO providers with specific specialisations and strengths. We offer bespoke solutions in terms of structural and organisational development and in maintaining long term sustainable outsourcing relationships, ongoing assessment and evaluation.

Whether its a medium size firm or magic circle, all legal service providers can make huge savings and long term benefits from LPO. Depending on the needs of your organisation, we offer service levels which are tailor made according to your specific requirements, which could include;

  • Evaluation and analysis of how your legal process could benefit from outsourcing.
  • Selecting the most appropriate supplier or partner to provide the outsourcing contract.
  • Establish a successful contract with the outsourcing vendor.
  • Putting into practice Service Level Agreements.
  • Managing the relationship with the vendor on a ongoing basis.

If you are nearing the end of a current outsourcing cycle we can advised on whether other solutions are more appropriate for your requirements.

We analyse, diagnose and understand your needs and provide unique, effective and sustainable solutions. We advise on the strengths and weaknesses of the leading providers of LPO services and identify compatibility factors and the specific specialisations that are suited towards your firm. We identify both legal work carried out by lawyers and routine processing work carried out by non-lawyers that can be carried out by outsourced staff.

We take a pioneering approach to the adapting to the fast moving, ever changing and evolving legal market.

Legal Process Outsourcing Companies in India: selecting a provider

Our strategic partnerships with the leading legal process outsourcing providers are based on a rigorous selection process with those providers that have a proven track record of success, adherence to internationally accredited industry standards of integrity and reliability. Our partner providers adhere to global industry bench marks.

Why chose us as your Legal Process Outsourcing Consultants?

  • We are a law firm offering legal process consultancy services in Delhi and London. We are based in the heart of legal London and the prestigious commercial hub of Connaught place, in Delhi.
  • Based in both Delhi and London means we understand the dynamics and culture of both legal systems innately giving us a unique approach.
  • We are uniquely position within the LPO industry in that our management structures are run by UK qualified lawyers with over a decade of litigation and advocacy experience. We understand the demanding needs of the legal community of solicitors, barristers, in house legal departments and legal counsel. Whereas some LPO consultants have a business centric outlook to the sourcing of key legal services.
  • We firmly believe that outsourcing of legal processes is best understood by lawyers and that the criteria for selecting an outsourcing provider should be based both excellent legal delivery, which is value for money.
  • Our services are therefore tailored to the specific needs of law firms, corporations and local authorities as providers of legal services and their specialisations. Our approved suppliers operate within an indestructible business continuity infrastructure with zero operational downtime.

Legal and cultural interface

An LPO consultant should understand the needs of those working in legal sector. We have a unique advantage over those consultants whose backgrounds are primarily rooted in the business sector and part of wider Business Process Outsourcing structures. LPO is a specialised area, both in terms of service provided and the particular needs of law firms and organisations. Our services are highly specialised to the needs of legal outsourcing. The key to a successful outsourcing is finding the most cost effective solution by matching the right supplier to your individual requirements and needs.

In this rapidly growing sector getting the right advice and guidance is key. Law firms and companies seeking outsourcing will vary infinitely having specific needs and requirements. Not all LPO providers are the same, with strengths in certain types of processes whereas other LPO providers are more generalised service providers.

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