Indian Lawyer

Indian Lawyer

Dual-Qualified Indian lawyers providing English and International legal Services

We are one of the few Indian law firms which have direct access to dual-qualified Indian lawyers fully qualified to practice in English Court. Our Indian Barristers and have practiced and have over 10 years of advocacy and litigation experience are fully regulated by the Bar Council of England and Wales and are able to provide direct advice and representation on many matters under the Bar Council’s Direct Access Scheme. Our international expert legal advice, support and advocacy is available in all areas of Indian arbitration and dispute resolution , litigation, Regulation and Dispute resolution.

UK Clients

Our barristers have represented many international and South Asian clients including NRI, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi origin UK nationals in matters before the English Courts for both commercial, civil and criminal matters.

Indian Clients

For Indian companies and individuals setting up, working or doing business in the UK we advise on a broad range of matters UK immigration, taxation, company formation, cross border contracts, litigation before English courts as well as international arbitration.

Services for other lawyers and law firms

We offer a tailor made service for a broad range of clients. Our specialist range of Indian legal services for professional clients include corporate law firms, solicitors, barrister’s chambers, in house legal departments and counsel, governments and local authorities.

Our strength lies in our cross border and multiple jurisdictions approach. Our team of Indian lawyers, which includes barristers and solicitors work closely with other lawyers experts, accountants, corporate in-house teams which focus on domestic and international matters, transactions and disputes.

We offer a unique service to law firms based in both India and abroad, who require the services of a law firm in another jurisdiction, for example; seeking disclosure and discovery for litigation or matrimonial or immigration disputes where one of the parties is based, or has a financial interest, in either India or the United Kingdom. We have handled instructions from English solicitors for work undertaken in India. For example, tracing and proofing witnesses where prior authority funding has been approved by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) in criminal and civil proceedings.

Our litigation and advocacy experience in the courts of England and Wales and India gives us a unique advantage in understanding and delivering what professional clients in the UK expect from an Indian law firm. Lex Meridian understands the complexities of cross border litigation. We have unique experience, which is perhaps unrivalled, in matters where there is an interface with English and India law, some examples are:


  • Litigation Support Services: Evidence gathering and investigations in India, witness tracing (with a view to recording statements of fact and witness statements for use in English commercial and criminal cases). These include acting as agents on behalf of solicitors when obtaining evidence pursuant to Legal Services Commission, a prior authority funding arrangements. Arranging for witnesses and parties to proceedings to give evidence remotely from India via live link and video conferencing. Obtaining court orders, injunctions and judicial records for use in proceedings in England and Wales.


  • Asset tracing: Our services range from investigation and gathering evidence in complex fraud and bribery cases involving foreign and Indian companies to straight forward asset tracing in commercial disputes and matrimonial matters.


  • Indian Litigation: Commencing and initiating parallel or ancillary proceedings before the Indian courts.


  • Arbitration and Mediation Services: Where one or more parties are based in India. Instructing specialist advocates and UK Barristers experienced in English and Indian laws.


  • Individual Advice, Assistance and Representation: For UK nationals facing criminal proceedings on bail matters, trials, appeals and extradition requests