Indian Arbitration

Indian Arbitration and International Arbitration

India has increasingly improved its arbitration mechanisms and has moved towards harmonisation of its laws to become more arbitration “friendly”. The enactment of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 was a move in this direction.

Rapid economic growth coupled with foreign investment and liberalisation has seen a significant increase in commercial disputes. Concerns over the delays and burgeoning backlog of cases within domestic courts, makes arbitration an attractive and commercially viable alternative to litigation.

We have specialist Indian arbitration lawyers who practice both at the Delhi bar and Supreme Court of India as well as from barristers chambers in London. Depending on the size, nature and complexity of the dispute we have access to a number of senior Supreme Court advocates as well as Queens Counsel in the UK from leading chambers. Our dedicated office in Delhi is also able to provide specialist services in arbitration matters. We provide a seamless service which transcends borders. We understand the cultural dynamics as well as the legal issues for both Indian as well as international clients.

Our Indian arbitration legal services include:

  • The inclusion of arbitration clauses in commercial agreements and contracts.
  • Where there is an arbitration clause which does not specify arbitration rules and procedures or where there is an agreement for arbitration after a dispute arises we can advise and represent on the most appropriate forum (whether domestic or international).
  • Rules and procedures of arbitral institutions including the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC), United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).
  • The selection of an Arbitrator: depending on the forum and area of expertise, can be retired judges and leading Queens Counsel in London chambers.
  • The role of experts in the arbitration process such as forensic accountants and other professionals.
  • We are able to provide our international services at all arbitration institutions including; London Court of International Arbitration (LCIS) – (our London office is conveniently located within 2 min walking distance, which also provides full conference facilities), Indian International and Domestic Arbitration Centre (IIDAC)Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).


Client care is our ethos and underpins are work. We provide a first class service providing clear and consistent guidance on both our work and our fees. Located in the commercial districts of Delhi and London, enables us to provide a seamless service. Allowing international clients to instruct and have conferences with our lawyers in the heart of legal London or Delhi for expert advice and assistance. Our expertise in the law is underlined by our understanding of local culture, practices and knowledge of our clients. Our strengths derive from our commitment to excellence..

Our Delhi office is based in the commercial business hub of Connaught Place and is a short distance from the British High Commission and foreign embassies. Our London office is conveniently located directly opposite the London Court of International Arbitration and is only a few minutes walk from the Royal Courts of Justice and the Inns of Court, with state of the art video conference facilities.