Expat Lawyer Delhi

Expatriates and foreigners living, working and doing business in India

We provide legal and consultancy services for expatriates and foreigners living and working in India. With the growth of multi-national companies and foreign direct investment brings novel and complex legal issues concerning non-Indians living and working in India. We provide a specialised service which aims to makes settling as an expat in India as painless as possible. We can assist and advise on the following matters:

  • Indian regulatory laws and compliances.
  • Dealing with Indian regulatory
  • Immigration and settlement issues.
  • Business compliance, taxation and registration.
  • Employment rights and labour laws when working in India

With offices in both London and Delhi, means you can seek our specialist advice and services before arriving in India. We believe in high standards of client care and an unwavering commitment to the cause of our client. Our method of working is based on the same client care principles as a law firm operating in the UK. Clear and expert advice, and specialist representation and keeping you informed and aware underpins our ethos.