UK visa are mostly approved despite stricter regulations.

In an attempt to reduce concerns among students and business persons regarding the strict UK visa regime, officials from the United Kingdom Home Office say the reason for the decrease in the student immigration from India to the UK has nothing to do with the strict visa rules of the country. Continue reading

UK visa and immigration update 20-10-2014

Oxford’s Vice Chancellor opposes UK Student Visa Policy

According to the Higher Education Funding Council for England, after almost three decades there has been a drop in the number of international students at UK universities. The biggest reason behind the decrease in the number of student migrants is the hostile visa regime adopted by the UK. Continue reading

What are the best books on immigration and adapting to life in the UK?

The way the experiences of children from across the world, including Africa and the Caribbean, are explored in books for children plays a crucial role in helping them to understand the reasons for the movement of people. With their considered and typically optimistic approach, these books can often be a strong antidote to some of the more aggressive media commentaries and the politics they reflect. From fiction, children are able to construct a long term picture of the history of black and immigrant children arriving in the UK and, as they do so, to get a sense of how society has moved on in overcoming prejudice. Continue reading

Visa on arrival soon for US, UK tourists

In a bid to give tourism a boost, the Centre may roll out Visa on Arrival (VoA) facility for tourists from over three dozen countries including the US and the UK by the year-end.

Government sources said the home ministry would be ready with the necessary arrangements within the next two months and the facility could be extended to all countries in phases. Continue reading

Theresa May to relax UK transit visa regime

The Government will announce on Friday it is relaxing part of Britain’s tough rules on Chinese visas, in a bid to appease UK businesses and China’s leaders.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will say during a speech in London that visitors from China can use the European Schengen visa when changing planes at UK airports. Continue reading

‘Lot of tension’ in UK coalition over visa issue of Indian students: Minister

A senior British minister has admitted that “a lot of tension” exists among the coalition partners of the David Cameron government over the sharp decline in visa applications from Indian students wanting to study in the UK.

Britain’s Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, Vince Cable, is scheduled to visit India next month to address the drop in visas from Indian students coming to study in British universities. Continue reading

Passport Office targeting 100 postcodes for fraud investigations

Officials are using the postal addresses of passport applicants to decide which areas to prioritise for fraud investigations and “additional checking”, the Guardian has learned.

A hundred postcode districts have been identified by civil servants as places from which applications for travel documents for children should face extra scrutiny, leaked papers show. Continue reading

Exempt foreign students from immigration cuts – Heseltine

Foreign students should be excluded from government plans to cut net immigration to the UK, former cabinet minister Lord Heseltine has said.

The ex-deputy prime minister said non-EU students should be left out of official immigration figures to avoid the risk of damaging UK universities.

His call was backed by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who said the net targets did not “make any sense”. Continue reading

Indian Industry Urges UK to Ease Visa System

Indian industry representatives have called on the UK to examine its visa system to make people to people movement easier for greater economic cooperation between the two countries.

“It is time to review our (India-UK) economic engagement and chart a course for the future … none of this will be possible without promoting people to people exchange,” Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) President Ajay Sriram said. Continue reading