Reliance paid 2 lawyer-MPs crores in undisclosed retainer fees in perfectly legal but troubling arrangement

Two senior MPs were paid several crore Rupees in undisclosed legal retainer contracts over several years by Reliance Industries, raising questions of transparency and potential for conflict despite being completely legal, reported the UK’s Financial Times on its frontpage this morning. Continue reading

Docomo looks at arbitration option to exit Tata Tele

Japanese telecom major NTT Docomo is looking at the option of moving an international court for arbitration to pressurise the Tatas to buy back its 26.5 per cent stake in the loss-making Tata Teleservices.

According to a 2009 agreement, the Tatas, which own close to 65 per cent stake in Tata Tele, were supposed to buy back Docomo’s shares in Tata Tele at Rs 7,200 crore or at a fair market price. In April this year, the Docomo board decided to exercise its put option and informed the Tatas of its desire to exit the venture by selling the shares back to the Tatas. However, till date, no announcement has been made by the Tatas to buy back Docomo’s stake. Continue reading

New law to regulate private detectives soon

NEW DELHI: Private detectives, sought to be regulated by a Central legislation, will be allowed to work only in the non-government sector and keep strictly off any investigation into bona fide activities or affairs of the state, particularly the work of state agencies such as IB, R&AW or CBI. Importantly, a clause is proposed to be inserted in the Private Detective Agencies (Regulation) Bill, 2007, debarring private detective agents (PDA) from interfering with the right to privacy of an individual, including tracking of his/her personal letters or electronic communication. Continue reading

Bar Council to Weed Out Fake Lawyers

BENGALURU: The Karnataka State Bar Council has decided to take stern action against  advocates practising in court with fake certificates or without enrolment licences (sanad).

The decision came after the Council found a lawyer practising in Belgaum district with a certificate of law obtained from ‘Nawada Law College’ of Magadh University, Bihar. After inquiry, it was found that no such college existed. Continue reading

BCCI ask for USD 42 million in damages from WICB

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have reportedly claimed damages of up to US$41.97 million from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), as a result of the withdrawal of the Windies set-up mid way during their tour of India.

BCCI have also cancelled bilateral tours with the board for the time being and in case the board doesn’t reply within a time frame of 15 days, legal action will be taken. Sanjay Patel, BCCI’s secretary, suggested that within the next 15 days, the WICB need to reply and show that how can they reimburse for the huge losses in “acceptable terms.” Continue reading

Navy man held in psychiatry ward for exposing corruption

A Navy sailor’s wife has alleged that that her husband was wrongly diagnosed with psychiatric problems and forcefully admitted in the psychiatric ward at the naval hospital Sanjivini in Kochi as he had levelled corruption charges against his seniors at INS Kattabomman naval base in Tirunelveli.

“My husband, Sunil Kumar Sahu, who is a SWA-3 rank officer at naval base INS Kattabomman, had complained about corruption and dishonesty of officers here. He had informed the same to the commanding officer at INS Kattabomman, who is also the chief vigilance officer. Continue reading

Bar Council derecognizes Delhi University’s law course

In an unprecedented move, Bar Council of India (BCI), the apex regulatory body for law education and the legal profession in India, has decided to derecognize DU’s law course taught at its three centres, namely Campus Law Centre, Law Centre-1 and Law Centre-2.

This means students admitted in these centres from 2011-12 onwards won’t be eligible to be enrolled as advocates and can’t practice. Continue reading