Special wing of the punjab police to handle complaints from NRI’s

In the past one year complaints from Punjabi NRIs have increased twofold. On the initiative of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, the Punjab Police introduced a NRI wing aimed at achieving fast track results, which received about 8000 complaints this year as opposed to 3,852 complaints the previous year and the establishment of NRI Courts. Continue reading

Reliance in arbitration with the government

Former UK judge Sir Bernard Rix, who recently retired as Lord Justice of Appeal with 20 years experience in the Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal in London replaces former Chief Justice of India S P Bharucha as the arbitrator in the KG-D6 cost recovery dispute by Reliance Industries. Bharucha quit after the government challenged his nomination on the grounds that he did not disclose his previous associations with Reliance Industries. Continue reading

Bribery and corruption in India: Ernst and Young survey

Trak.in reports that Ernst and Young through its Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services section conducted a survey on bribery and corruption in India. About 95 percent of those who the survey felt that they had to pay bribes for getting even legitimate work done or to speed up the process. Continue reading

Tackling the backlog of cases pending in indian courts

The Indian Express reports that Chief Justice of India H L Dattu, concerned about the fact that there are more than three crore (300,000) cases pending in all courts across India, that he has asked Chief Justices of all High Courts through written letters to ensure that cases that are pending for five years or more in subordinate judiciaries are expeditiously disposed of, and encouraging lawyers and the judiciary to cooperate in this regard. Continue reading

Stricter UK visa immigration restriction for skilled workers

UK Visa regulations for entry of skilled workers have been tightened under new measures, which will have a direct impact on skilled workers from India and Indian Companies who will have to undergo increased scrutiny by UK’s Home office. Skilled workers that fall under Tier 2 of the Immigration process will be scrutinised to ensure that there is no exaggeration of any detail for meeting the immigration requirements. Continue reading

Managing uk immigration

A recent study by the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration at University College London (UCL) concludes that in general terms the UK benefitted from immigration and in considering the number of migrants entering the UK from 2001 to 2011 contributed £20bn to the UK economy.  Migrants from the EU paid significantly more in taxes than they claimed in benefits or transfers for education, health or other expenditures. This highlights that the benefits of immigration outweigh its costs. Continue reading

Alternative Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in India

Former Supreme Court judges Justice A.K.Sikri and Justice S.S. Nijjar, underlined the need for a sincere and focused approach to arbitration and advised the legal fraternity to look into the reasons as to why Indian arbitration has been unable to make an impression on the International business community in relation to effective arbitration. Continue reading

Match fixing undermines integrity of sports

Professor Jack Anderson of Queen’s University, in his keynote address to an international sports law conference in Adelaide, zeroed in on bribery and corruption within international sporting events and how match fixing had become the number one threat to the integrity of sports. He cites concerns that when criminals associate with sports, there is not only money laundering involved but also “image laundering”. Continue reading