Survey on anti-bribery and corruption by deloitte

According to a survey by Deloitte Forensic around 55 per cent of the people said that they were not sure if their organisation had specific policies on anti-bribery and what it said, 61 per cent said their companies did not discuss such issues that are related to bribery and corruption. Also 65 per cent said they did not receive emails from their senior management pertaining to this issue. Continue reading

Bribery and corruption in India: Ernst and Young survey reports that Ernst and Young through its Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services section conducted a survey on bribery and corruption in India. About 95 percent of those who the survey felt that they had to pay bribes for getting even legitimate work done or to speed up the process. Continue reading

Match fixing undermines integrity of sports

Professor Jack Anderson of Queen’s University, in his keynote address to an international sports law conference in Adelaide, zeroed in on bribery and corruption within international sporting events and how match fixing had become the number one threat to the integrity of sports. He cites concerns that when criminals associate with sports, there is not only money laundering involved but also “image laundering”. Continue reading

The Delhi Anti Corruption Branch striped of its powers by the Government of India

In what has been regarded as a retrograde step, the Government of India has significantly curtailed the powers of the Delhi Anti-Corruption Branch. The former Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had empowered the body to probe central government employees accused of bribery charges. Continue reading