Canadian law and lawyers in India – Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh

Canadian law and Canadian Legal Services 

Lex Meridian is a full service International Anglo-Indian law firm with its reach in UK, Canada, India and Singapore.

In an increasingly competitive, globalised world where the needs of clients  transcend borders, we recognise the cross cultural interface and provide bespoke multi-jurisdictional legal services.

With our Canadian associates we offer a wide range of services on corporate, and commercial matters, setting up of businesses in Canada, specialist immigration, arbitration as well as family and inter-country adoption between India, Canada and U.K,

We have a unique association with Mr Jai Singh of Canadian firm, Watson Goepel LLP known for its services in business, immigration, family law, litigation and dispute resolution. We therefore provide an end-to-end service to our clients based both in India and Canada.

Our ServicesCanadian law firm in India

  • Cross-border litigation,
  • Arbitration and mediation.
  • Investor Immigration Programs and Corporate Immigration services.
  • Intra-Country adoption, family and child custody disputes.
  • Human Rights.

The strength of this partnership derives from a shared commitment to excellence. We uniquely provide advice and representation to Indian clients who are venturing business opportunities in Canada, and Canadian clients undertaking business in India. High standards and client care is the ethos that underpins our work. We provide a first class service through clear and consistent guidance on both our work and our fees.

Practice Areas

Indo-Canadian Cross-border Litigation

Indo-Canadian legal disputes arising in the course of international commerce are often complex involving multi-jurisdictional issues. It is crucial to have lawyers who possess comprehensive knowledge of local law, procedure and market conditions along with through understanding of global market. We offer expert advice to our clients in all aspects of litigation in India, Canada and cross-border litigation, which includes issuing of proceedings, enforcement of foreign judgements and foreign awards.

Commercial Law & Commercial Law 

Our dynamic and dedicated team of lawyers assist both Indian and Canadian Individuals, MNC to small and medium size business. We as well as legal advice and representation we offer strategic thinking and strategy a keeping in mind legal and regulatory compliance and market conditions. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of industries and so do our services.

Arbitration and Mediation

Lex Meridian has an expert team advising on dispute resolution, which now extends to Canadian arbitration. We represent clients in wide range of arbitrations, mediations along with the new hybrid alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as Arb- Med., Med-Arb.

Investor Immigration Programs and Corporate Immigration services

We offer end-to-end Canadian investment immigration services. Our associates  advise clients in a wide range of Investor Immigration programs available in Canada, which allow qualifying individual to obtain permanent residence in Canada by investing in different spheres of economic activity. We can help our client identify the suitable businesses to invest and the best matched investor programs to pursue helping clients successfully across the world to secure Canada citizenship, legally and  as a permanent resident.

Inter-Country adoption, family and child custody disputes

Our team of experienced lawyers have been successfully assisting clients in adoptions and child custody issues. Understanding the sensitivity of each case, we carefully, and diligently assist clients throughout through the complexities of Indian regulations  and intricacies of Government agencies and Ministries.

Human Rights

Our team specialise in international humanitarian and human rights law. We have provided expert evidence in the UK on issues of human rights law.

Investment Immigration Canada

We provide a specialist investment-by-immigration services for Indian clients who wish to invest, start a business and secure permanent residency in Canada through a number of specialist programmes.

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