Bribery and corruption in India: Ernst and Young survey reports that Ernst and Young through its Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services section conducted a survey on bribery and corruption in India. About 95 percent of those who the survey felt that they had to pay bribes for getting even legitimate work done or to speed up the process. 59 per cent felt it was impossible to get work done without being a part of the system. 4 out of 5 people who would amount to 82 per cent believed that the top management was dedicated in their approach against the practices of bribery and corruption.

Paradoxically, 87 per cent also did not mind turning into whistle blowers to stop any unethical activity taking place. This is indicative of the fact that people are not happy with how things are. However they would raise their voices only if they knew things won’t go against them at a future date.

94 per cent of the people that a greater enforceability of existing laws is the need of the hour, indicating that Indians are tired of paying bribes to get their work done. Are the winds of change blowing? Perhaps, but a changing mind set among the citizens of India against corrupt practices, certainly.