Indian law firm in London and Delhi

We are lawyers based in the commercial heart of Delhi and legal London.  What makes us unique is that we are Indian lawyers who are dual qualified practicing barristers and solicitors in London as well as practicing advocates in Delhi.  We have a decade of experience in practicing in the higher courts of England and Wales and the Indian High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. Our services are international, our reach is global – we transend borders.

What makes us different ? We excel in a rich and diverse world, our ethos is that our expertise in the law has to be underpinned by understanding the importance of local culture, knowledge and practices of our clients. The services we provide as an International Indian law firm are fundamentally rooted on the client care expected of an international law firm. We treat our clients as individuals, recognise their needs and understand the cultural interface in providing effective legal solutions.

We offer a uniquely seamless service for clients based both in the UK and in India. Litigation and Arbitration invariably transends borders, then why shouldn’t we?  We understand the needs of clients wishing to do business in India, equally we offer a unique and legal service for Indian clients looking to do business in the UK and Europe and bridging the legal and cultural lexicon to provide first class legal solutions and services

International Indian lawyer services: Indian law and English Law.

I need advice on English law from an English lawyer in Delhi and a Indian lawyer on Indian Law in London ”

We provide a whole range of legal services to Indian, NRI, UK and international clients by experienced dual qualified Indian barristers, Indian Solicitors and advocates on both on Indian and English law. We firmly believe that in a global age the best Indian lawyer, is also an international one.

Advice on Indian Law

From complex commercial disputes to contract interpretation, dealing with legal matters in India can be a complex and bewildering experience. Having the right legal advice on Indian law at an early stage is vital. Getting clear and coherent guidance is crucial. Litigation in India for a foreign company or non-resident can be a daunting, expensive and frustrating experience. We aim to provide a seamless service in terms of the same high standards of client care you would expect and demand from an international law firm.

Lawyers in India and the UK

In an increasingly competitive, globalised world we understand that the needs of UK and Indian businesses transcend borders. As lawyers who operate in both jurisdictions we provide a local approach to international multi-disciplinary company and commercial matters. Our offices are located in the City of London and Delhi, which means, you can seek our specialist advice and services before arriving in India. The unique aspect of our service is that you can avail our first instance advisory services in both London and Delhi without travelling the 6708 kilometres in between!


Our full range of legal services:


             Indian corporate, legal & business.

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              Advice & assistance for Foreign & International Companies in India

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           Indian Arbitration services

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              UK based litigation services




              Legal services & collaboration with other international

           lawyers  and law firms.




             UK Visa & Immigration Services

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               Expatriates & foreigners living, working and doing business in India.

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               Non Resident Indians – Specialist NRI & OCI Services

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                NGO’s, Charities & Special Interest Groups




International Clients

Our firm has a close working relationship with some of the leading international law firms. We work in partnership with other leading lawyers and law firms in other major jurisdictions including Europe, United States and Canada, the Caribbean and Africa.

Both our London and Delhi offices are equipped with the latest video conference suites and modern conference rooms.

Our firm has the same high quality and ethos as of any international law firm; high standards of client care and an unwavering commitment to our clients.

Our Delhi office is based in the commercial business hub of Connaught Place and is a short distance from the British High Commission and foreign embassies. Our London offices are conviently located directly opposite the London Court of International Arbitration and is only a few minutes walk from the Royal Courts of Justice and the Inns of Court.